We're good at only one thing, generating sales for your business

How We Can Help You Increase Sales

Email Marketing

We will take over your email marketing - creating automated email sequences & writing sales campaigns that return abandoned carts, create loyal customers and just, simply said, generate more sales for your business.

Funnel Creation

Imagine a system that makes money for you. Those are funnels. We create hyper converting funnels that do the selling for you from A to Z. Just drive traffic to them and they will be tirelessly making you money.

Let The Results Speak For Themselves...

Email Revenue Increased By More Than 1200%

$297 to $3729 in email revenue

Email Revenue Increased By More Than $15,000/month

$1249 to $18,301 in email revenue

FB Ads Revenue Increased By More Than 4000%

$10,399 to $426,419 in FB Ads revenue

The J&R

Meet the founders of agencyJR


Takes joy in creating efficient email marketing systems & writing compelling copy.​


Focuses on driving quality traffic to your site & designing landing pages that convert.

Sales First Mentality

Some agencies love throwing around fancy marketing jargon like top-of-mind awareness and geotargeting - that’s not what we’re about. Even though the end goal of all of that is still to create sales we’re here to get down and dirty to generate more sales for you without the BS, without the nonsense.

At the end of the day, sales are the driving force that makes the wheels of any business turn

We learned it the hard way. Four years ago we built out a fantastic store with even better products. We spent hours designing the website, doing photoshoots and developing an amazing product. We thought that our first customers would start flying in any second now.

So we added the last touches and launched our first e-commerce store.

I remember waking up the next day… I jump out of my bed excited to see how many sales our store had made… To my surprise, all I see is nothing but zeros - zero sales, zero carts, zero views. Nothing.

This pushed us to a realization that we didn’t have a single system in place that would drive generate sales. We didn’t have any systems, that would convert the viewers and then turn them into returning customers. All we had was a skeleton of a business.

Don’t get me wrong - having an amazing product is important, but without marketing, it won’t go anywhere.

So we put in the hours of learning, of testing and failing over and over again… till we started making sales.

I (Reinis) started to focus on driving traffic and optimizing our conversion rates to get new customers profitably. While Jacob created email marketing systems that allowed us to retrieve 12% of our abandoned carts (while our competitors were only retrieving 6-9%). Then we built new systems that would turn our previous customers into repeat buyers time and time again.

Once everything clicked it was almost like opening the floodgates and we haven’t looked back since.

Our marketing systems & funnel creation methods have attracted e-commerce giants such as Bankr Brand, Motivated Fit, Jordan Belfort and more.

We turned our weakness of generating sales into our biggest strength. We put in the hours and thousands into learning and testing different Social Media ads, email marketing, funnel creation & copywriting strategies which allowed us to launch our own Marketing Agency to help businesses just like yours to reach that next level.

We’re here to bridge the gap between good to great. Sales need systems and we’re to create them for you.

We create landing pages that explain everything about your product and position it as something unique and better than what your competition has.

We fine-tune our copywriting in our landing pages, ads & emails to perfectly fit your customer type to build deeper brand-relationships with existing and new buyers. By utilizing short and long term sales strategies we make sure that non-buyers turn into buyers and one time buyers turn into repeat buyers.

If your business is looking to make more sales - you’re at the right place.

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